Follow Up To The IP (mini dox) Issue on this Site

I did speak to a mod and my comments have been completely wiped from the community, as far as I can tell. My posts thankfully remain untouched and all comments for said posts have been screened or deleted to protect other members.

My post from Pkmncollectors was removed. I didn't get a reason why (I think I have an idea but I also think the information I said is common knowledge nowadays), but the mod team is looking into the concerns I raised. Something I didn't include into the post, as to not cause anymore chaos, was this screenshot and one of the main reasons I made the post to begin with.

I take screenshots with a grain of salt. Archives are the way to go. However, what this person is doing with IPs (even if it's troll fake screenshot) IS TRUE. IPs can be used to harass others. With extortion going on outside the Pkmncollectors community, we need to be EXTRA careful. I've witnessed with my own eyes the drama that goes on outside the community so again, even if the screenshot is "fake", the situation is not. I very much urged the mod I spoke to that they should get rid of the IP tracking (and sharing of zip codes in sales posts) because there's shitty people like this around.
Times have changed and so have the tools available for harassment of individuals online. It used to be harder before. I don't have an archive to my community post because it was locked and the archives can't capture locked posts but I do have a "back up" that's private on my journal. Though I think I will keep it that way since they removed it without giving me a reason. I'm a retired collector but even though this doesn't affect me, I can't stand by and watch shit go down if I could have done something about it. I'm a bit of an existential nihilist but that's because I don't have influence to affect bigger issues. With THIS shit, I actually can help people.

I don't have a good solution for people right now. If you're quiet and normal, you should be fine. If you have an online presence, you should consider being cautious with posting comments because your IP is displayed. Stop using zip codes and postal codes in the open. Ask for quotes and then immediately send the person a PM.

I've dealt with my fair share of shitty people inside Pkmncollectors and outside for the past 7 years. Mostly those who can't pay what they commit to buy or ghost you after asking for holds. It is always a RISK you can run into a legit psychopath but most, I would say 98%, are legitimately great people.
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Information Post About the 2005 Tomy Lottery Prize Gold Magikarp

This post is out a bit out of place in my journal but I wanted to make it so anyone looking for more thorough information on this rare figure can have it to use for their site, etc. When I tried to look for info, I couldn't really find much in English and it's why I'm making this post. I do not collect Tomy figures but I really like the figures overall, own all of my favorite Pokemon as Tomys, and always found this particular figure interesting and... mystical? (idk how else to describe it lol) I'm trying to get all of Gengar's released Tomy figures and this is my closest connection to the hobby of collecting Tomys. He has quite a few different releases that mainly have a completely different box design.

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I think I've covered all bases for this figure but if anyone has any other questions, you can comment below even without an LJ account and I can try to dig up stuff for you.
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A Three Year Goal!

Wow, I haven't posted in this crap in a long time but I'm gonna put this here in case any other collector wanted to see all of Gengar's Full Color (ポケットモンスター フルカラ), Full Color Stadium (ポケモン フルカラースタジアム), and Battle Museum (ポケットモンスター ポケモンバトルミュージアム) figures along with their inserts.

These took me THREE years to collect 100%, meaning they came sealed in their package with their corresponding sticker and insert. Sorry if the pics are kinda murky but I live in a fricken cave; I lighten them a bit with PS.

The Battle Museum figure (black base) comes with two stickers to be placed at the front and back of the base. The front says Gengar (ゲンガー) and the back is, what I assume, two attacks but I can't read an ounce of Japanese. This one I've actually seen a few times being sold with at least the correct name sticker already on the base.

The Full Color figures (the two right ones) DO NOT have corresponding stickers. These just come with the base.

FC Stadium figures (middle ones) DO come with stickers. The Night Shade Gengar was the hardest to find.

Below is the complete checklist of ALL the Full Color figures. You can click to make it larger
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This awesome blog features most (if not all) of the FC Stadium and Battle Museum figures: - FC Stadium - Battle Museum

That blog was of great help because I didn't really know how many of these Gengar had until I found it by mistake; a lot of respect to this Japanese blogger.

I was able to get four of these figures from the same seller at different times on Yahoo!Japan auctions.

Some tips for finding these figures.
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It's so rewarding to finally have these little guys! It's one more thing I can finally stop searching for.

Gengar Pacha

Dumping some creamy memes.

If someone made one of these before me, then they didn't tag their shit. So I made my own.

A more classic color:

Edit: Here it is with the original mouth. No eyebrows though because it looks odd with the eyes.

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Must be something in the air...

Because every lousy person I've ever had to deal with so far says they ended up in the hospital and were unable to communicate.

Is this the hangout joint for all the liars and procrastinators? Those free cookies made of BULLSHIT must taste delicious if there's so many people going there!

Well, not every person but definitely 90% of the people I've had trouble with.

shitlords - ebay edition

Edit: This cunt was part of Pkmncollectors and now they're a banned member. No surprise there.

This shitlord pays and leaves a note demanding for this shit to be shipped as a flat to Canadaz.

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Then I get this today

bipolar shitlord

Now, Ebay doesn't let sellers leave neutral or negative feedback on buyers. Ain't that a real bitch? I checked this scrub's feedback and someone left a "pseudo" negative claiming that they never paid for whatever they bought. It shows up as a positive but the comment itself is negative. I wish I had seen this, because I would have cancelled their bid and I would have still made money as the second highest bidder was at $12. Ebay is pretty shitty.

I ain't leaving feedback for a sub human scum that talks to me like that. EVER.


I am juvenile sissy when I can't counter the shit out of a rude bastard because they are holding my money and I'm also brutally honest, so it's best I don't leave any feedback. They can go fuck off a cliff into a burning pit of some fucking manners with their "great positive feedback". I hope their "friend" tries to ship it as a flat, just for it to be returned or lost. How's that for Christmas? Canada is also close to Michigan but you know, because of their great 1337 knowledge of the USPS, IT'LL NEVER MAKE IT IN THREE WEEKS.

And thanks for the money, scrub. I had that figure for sale in my store for only fucking $3 but it never sold.

Sell on Ebay? Check the feedback before letting just any shitlord bid. It's not even about the money now, but the money you could lose later as even if you ship their crap out, they can just turn around and leave a negative because you didn't bend the rules of your country's postal system. I'M SO SORRY, YOUR SHITHIGHNESS. Negative feedback=not too good for sales.